The classic view of Antigua Guatemala with the Arco de Santa Catalina in the foreground and the Volcán de Agua in the background.

Reliable Joe posing as a drunk, though not all that unrealistically. Antigua is one of the few places offering tourists the opportunity to enjoy high end wine bars in Guatemala.

Flores, in the department of Petén, is a good base from which to explore nearby Rio Dulce and Lago Izabal.

Waterlilies on Rio Dulce.

Livingston is a town situated on the part of Rio Dulce that opens to the Caribbean sea. Many of its inhabitants are Garifuna people, descended from West African, Central African, Carib and Arawak people.

Guatemala’s most famous Mayan ruins at Tikal are also one of the largest of the Mayan world and are completely enveloped in jungle.

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